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PCHT Leeds - Websites, Databases, Spreadsheets & Training

Customised solutions and software training for individuals and small businesses.

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PCHT was formed in 1999 as PC Home Tuition Limited and operates in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

We began by providing affordable, one-to-one tuition for individuals in Microsoft Word, Access and Excel. Over time additional courses were added - advanced versions of Access and Excel - as well as new courses in Visual Basic programming and Website design. As popular new Applications have been developed by companies such as Adobe (Flash, Photoshop, Fireworks and Flash) the tuition courses have expanded too. A major development was the decision by Microsoft to make SQL Server and ASP.net available to everyone via their Express editions. As these became accessible, we have written courses to assist people in their understanding of these products and how they interact with each other. Tuition can be provided to individuals on a one-to-one basis. For small companies or where there are more than 3 people requiring training, the training is provided via an interactive Power Point presentation. Free manuals are always provided.

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HParallels Plesk Control Panel.

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PCHT offers customised website solutions. Websites might be information driven (like this one) or data driven (click FFL Website in the drop down list top right for an example). Fully interactive, data-driven websites might use Excel, Access, XML or SQL Server to hold the data. Languages include HTML, CSS, VBA, VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL and Javascipt only. At the present time, we do not provide e-commerce websites.

  • ...and a provider of software solutions

We provide expert, affordable, customised solutions in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access to assist small businesses.


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