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adobe flash with action script and xml

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We do not provide Flash websites, but we will include compiled Flash movies in websites that we provide, if required. Flash services are provided for home tuition only. Flash must be pre-loaded on your computer, it will not be provided by us. However Flash is available on a free download and a 30 day trial via the Adobe website which you can access here. Tuition services fall into two broad areas, the Flash Interface and Flash Data Interaction. The Flash Interface course explains how to get started in Flash, including how to use timelines to create movies and how to interact with media content, and is designed to save the student time in understanding how to use Flash efficiently. Flash Data Interaction is also aimed at students. Understanding how to interact with data in a website designed in Flash is vital for building e-commerce websites. We do not provide any other services in Flash.

  • ...debugging flash action script

Students undertaking coursework who are working with Action Script will need to know how to debug the code. This vital knowledge will be explained using examples and tips.

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Sending data from the browser when a client visits a website, and saving it on a database or file, is a common requirement of website functionality, and websites written in Flash are no exception. In order to handle data exchanges, a familiarity with Flash Action Script is needed. An example would be a feedback form on a website, where the text entered via the browser is sent via email, or an interactive quiz using data stored in xml files. Xml (Extensible Mark Up Language) files act as simple databases. The content of text contained in structured nodes within the xml file can be amended by the website visitor, and the amended file can be re-loaded into the Flash website. Explaining how to use xml files for data interaction in Flash is a specialist service that we provide. For data interaction to take place, there must be a server file that handles reloading the page, this will be an ASP.NET file written in Visual Studio and stored on your computer using IIS.

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