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PCHT Leeds - Websites, Databases, Spreadsheets & Training

Customised solutions and software training for individuals and small businesses.


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We provide websites, databases or spreadsheet solutions for small businesses. Examples of website solutions can be seen here and can include data driven websites using SQL Server. Software solutions provided for small businesses are in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access only. Using entity relationship mapping we can mirror the business rules that your firm uses when working with data, and produce a customised database or spreadsheeet that will improve the efficiency of your operation. Access database always use a forms interface and VBA code for handling data changes. A complete solution will include training for employees, data transfer from your old database, login user accounts, fully indexed tables, defined relationships for cascading updates to data fields, macros and modules, and parameterised reports. Excel spreadsheets will use a mixture of nested formulae and VBA to reflect the changes required to input data, based on variables, with pivot table training provided for formatting information.

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In this example the conversion of dates between two different calendar systems is a business requirement for a synagogue. Clicking either button converts to and from each date, and confirms the Hebrew name of the month and whether the day is Shabbat, which is important information for managing member records at the synagogue. Clicking a button on a different form uses the data conversion table to find the next UK anniversary of the Hebrew data of birth and add it to the database, greatly assisting staff, who previously had to do the conversion manually.

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  • ...and spreadsheets

Excel spreadsheets (workbooks) developed for small businesses will typically use rules to convert data, based on your operational requirements. An example would be the conversion of a manual system for calculating insurance premiums, into a quote engine written in Excel, that calculates the final premium based on input parameters from the user, based on rules based on look up tables. Another example might be a workbook that makes extensive use of pivot tables to manipulate accounts for the provision of meaningful sales information.


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