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adobe photoshop

  • services provided...

Photoshop services are provided for home tuition only. Photoshop must be pre-loaded on your computer, it will not be provided by us. However it is available on a free download and a 30 day trial via the Adobe website which you can access here. The course explains the Photoshop environment and is designed to save the student time in understanding the interface and functionality when using Photoshop, including tips and tricks.

  • ...editing images

Photoshop's rich functionality and tools mean you can make lots of changes to photographs, or images of any kind. This might include changing the colour, hue or saturation, or combining two images into one.

  • working with layers...

Layers are a fundamental part of Photoshop. Using examples we will explain how additional layers can be added and merged, or deleted. By using layers, the foreground or background of an image can be removed, which is a common requirement when working with images. This kind of operation would be useful when trying to match an image with the background colours of a web page.

Photoshop tuition does not cover working with 3D objects but does include other featuresincluded in Photoshop CS4 Extended (11.0).

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