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At present we do not offer e-commerce websites (retail websites for the purchase of online goods). We offer two distinct types of website. These are information only websites (such as this one) or data-driven websites. Data driven websites will allow interaction by website visitors according to user accounts, to allow data to be added, updated or deleted according to the requirements of the site. An example would be a fantasy football website, where users log on and make changes to their team. Data driven websites will, by default, be mainly written in ASP.NET with a SQL Server database. We recommend ASP.NET as part of Microsoft's Visual Studio with SQL Server as the Express versions of these products are available free to download and use. Click here for more information about Visual Studio.

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Websites must use a coding combination of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, ASP.NET, VB, VBA, VB.NET and for Flash solutions, ActionScript. We cannot write websites or assist with training or tuition if the underlying code is written in C# or C#.NET or uses the PHP scripting language.

For data driven websites, the available back end database or data storage can be via MS Access, Excel, SQL Server, or XML.

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Websites that we provide will normally use one of the templates found at templatekingdom.com, which has some excellent designs and represents good value (a £20 one off fee is typical). We will suggest a design according to the website content or you can choose your own. These website templates are controlled by CSS (style sheets) and we will edit the web content using Dreamweaver, with occasional animations available if required, written in Adobe Flash or Adobe Fireworks. Although it is possible to host websites on your own PC, we recommend using UK Host4U as the Internet Service Provider (ISP) as hosting includes an interface to the server files and services using Parallel Plesk's Control Panel and in our experience this ISP also provides an excellent post sales ongoing help desk. The cost is £3.99 per month for hosting and includes free domain registration. You would pay for this directly with the hosting provider. We'll tell you how, but we do not purchase this on your behalf because you need control over your site. Indeed we *never* need to know any bank details when providing web solutions or any other service.

A copy of the finished website will be put on your computer and you will have full control over it, over your domain registration and renewal, and all the user names and logon passwords to edit the website afterwards if you need to, using the Plesk Control panel.

Hosting your website on your own PC (rather than use an ISP) is also an available option, but only via IIS (Internet Information Services, which is Microsoft's Virtual Server solution). However you must be certain that your internet provider allows static IP addresses before hosting your own website. Otherwise every time the router's external IP address is randomly changed by the internet provider, the link to the website on your PC will go down and will have to be changed each time to match the router's new external IP address. You may need to register a domain name with an ISP if you do not have one already, but we can show you how.

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