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access database solutions

  • entity relationship mapping...

Access database solutions by PCHT always include professional entity relationship mapping of database objects. We ask you what data you want to store in the database then use our expertise to create table objects and relationships that allow an efficient extraction of information using primary and foreign keys. This process is called entity relationship mapping and will ensure that data will always be retrievable, that there will be no missing information, and the database will not breakdown when new information is added or records are deleted.

  • ...forms driven interface

Our Access solutions always make use of linked forms, such as this one. Data can be added or modified using the text boxes, list boxes and check boxes. As data is added, rules will fire to disallow erroneous data (such as a date in a number field) or to update data in related tables. Specific rules about data can be coded to reflect the rules that define your business. Here, the 'Update UK Anniversaries' button calculates the Hebrew date of birth or death, and adds the next UK anniversary.

  • ...parameter based reporting

We build Access databases to take the strain out of day-to-day operations. Our solutions include built in Queries and Reports for those regular day-to-day activities. We also use parameterised reporting to make retrieval of information as easy as possible. By using drop down lists on linked forms, reports can be built and re-built easily based on variables, and produced at the click of a button.

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