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  • user accounts and passwords...

Access database solutions will include the use of user accounts and passwords to safeguard the contents of the database. The degree of security can be customised according to the sensitivity of the data. An example would be where 3 members of staff are allowed to change data, or add or delete records, but all other members of staff can view data. By using passwords, sensitive areas of the database can be restricted, for example the ability of staff to run certain reports.

  • ...visual basic code

Our Access solutions come with extensive use of programming code, written in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). Control over data entered via each form is crucial in ensuring data remains consistent. In this example the 'AfterInsert' event procedure fires when a new record is entered into an Access database table via a form. The code ensures that the newly created record is also represented in the relationship table with a consistent index value.

  • ...and a Power Point presentation.

All customised Access databases come with a Power Point presentation that explain how to navigate between forms; to add, change and delete data, to produce reports, and to update records. This will include a section on how to bypass the form structure and allow authorised staff to create 'ad hoc' queries or reports, or to make changes that may be needed from time to time. PCHT provides an optional post installation service for adding new built in reports, or for making changes to the database structure. Post sales service will include free error handling and recommendation of a back up strategy to secure all data against loss.

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