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In terms of data manipulation, there is little that can't be done in Excel. Where possible this will be done with formulae because they operate automatically and instantaneously to amend data. For complicated routines Excel solutions will make use of functions and procedures written in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). These routines can be triggered by an event such as the clicking of a button on a form, or via a website control. The trigger will cause a whole raft of code to run, and produce an immediate response.

  • ...pivot tables

Pivot tables can manipulate data rapidly and powerfully and will be part of all our Excel solutions.

In the above example about book and magazine sales in Yorkshire, a pivot tables has been created using some base data. The base data might exist in another worksheet, workbook, or a database. The pivot table wizard allows columns and rows, and the type of calculation (In this case 'Sum of Sales') to be quickly manipulated. Once the pivot table is created, you can use the drop down buttons to adjust the 'Month' (page criteria), or the 'Riding' (row criteria #1) or the 'Rep' (row criteria #2) or the 'Type' (column criteria), to display a subset of the information required. Changing the pivot table to exclude book sales for the East and North Riding takes just a few seconds with a pivot table. If your business needs can benefit from this kind of data manipulation, we can help.


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All PCHT solutions come with training. This can be a mixture of one to one tuition or organised training via a Power Point presentation. Training will include how to use the various interfaces for adding, changing and retrieving data, and how to use pivot tables to manipulate data. Training will not normally include how to build the complex Excel elements that have gone into your solution, but after sales service will include advice on backing up and protecting your Application.

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