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Customised solutions and software training for individuals and small businesses.

training for employees

  • In Microsoft Access...

Course material will be customised to meet requirements but will include how to set up relationships between table entities in Access, and how to design different types of Queries (Select and Action Queries) in Design mode and SQL mode. The use of forms for managing data input is considered, and how to design and quickly change Report criteria. The advanced course included a section on using VBA with forms event procedures for managing data entry. The course manual provides follows the design of a Music Shop database and includes Tables, Queries, Forms, Modules, Macros and Reports.

  • ...In Excel

We can give employees specific help on areas of Excel they might be struggling with. This will include writing formulae to manipulate data and analysing data using pivot tables. Absolute versus Relative cell references explained. Course material includes how to use Excel as a back end database, and how to use it to cleanse data. We can provide specific help with Excel to solve data manipulation problems you are having at work.

In this example, the Excel formula in cell H98 checks if the contents of Cell G98 is "Yes". If so, F98 is the result. F98 is still the result if B98 cannot be found in the cell block D10:F109 (ISNA). However if it can be found, look up the value of B98 in cell block D10:F109. When found in column D, the result of the formula is the 3rd column along. This is a typical nested formula using IFs and LOOKUPs. The $ signs that appear in the formula's cell references (e.g. $D$10:$F$109) ensure those values do not change when the formula is dragged down column H.
  • ...In Word and Outlook

One to one or organised training includes how to set up mail and email merges in Word using Excel or Access data and 100 tips on how to use Word and Outlook more efficiently. Practical examples used, with a training manual provided for post course reference.



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