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Private tuition is available to assist student with coursework, but not to do coursework on their behalf. Tuition is not available to specifically help students prepare for ICT examinations, which can account for up to 40% of the overall mark. Students will be expected to complete 1 or 2 pieces of coursework worth at least 60% in total. Students may have trouble understanding how to scope their coursework, or with some aspect of the software they are using, which is where we can help.

  • ...software complexity

Most ICT coursework will use a combination of Microsoft products such as Word, Access, Excel and Power Point, or Adobe products such as Flash, Dreamweaver and Photoshop. In the example, left, a M:N relationship has been set up in Microsoft Access, between table entities 'Members' and ''Relatives' using a relationship table called 'related_to'.

Posting the primary key from the table entities to the foreign keys in the relationship table enables
fast indexing of queries, and can cascade the deletion or insertion of records across associated tables.
  • ...2011 and 2012 ICT syllabus - GCSE and Advanced Level

Click to navigate to the website of the appropriate examination board (OCR, AQA, ACEA or edexcel) and open the current syllabus at GCSE or Advanced level. Students must always check with their school which examination board is being used for ICT coursework, as the specification will differ between exam boards, and will change each year. Here are some links which should assist you in finding the specification for the coursework you are doing. These include valuable information on the scope and complexity expected with ICT coursework, and what software is available or compulsory, e.g. a Flash animation must be included.

AQA GCSE ICT - Click Scheme Of Work (PDF).

AQA GCE ICT (A Level) - Click Key Materials > Specification (PDF).

CCEA GCSE ICT - Click Revised GCSE Full > Specification (PDF).

edexcel GCSE ICT - Click Specification (PDF).

CCEA GCE ICT (A Level) - Click Specification (PDF).

OCR GCSE ICT - Code J461. Click Specification (PDF).

OCR GCE ICT (A Level) - Click Specification (PDF).

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